New single "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" produced by Beau Tyler AVAILABLE NOW!  

Meggie was born and raised in the mountains of Montana. Growing up in a musical family, music became her life from a very young age. Her parents say she started singing before she could even talk, making up songs that she'd sing for hours on end, with words like "La La Ping" -- a personal favorite of theirs.

Meggie started performing publicly at age 6, wowing people with her "mature voice for such a tiny girl". She learned several different instruments, but took the greatest interest in piano and guitar. She took piano lessons as a kid for many years but in her late teens she turned her focus to guitar, as it was slightly more portable with her wandering lifestyle. She, with her guitar, began playing any show she could sign up for until she was able to create a following in the Montana area.


In 2012, she made the trek to Tulsa, Oklahoma (home of one of the top 10 music scenes in America) to pursue her music. Within weeks of moving there, she became very involved in the Tulsa music scene, gigging and networking with other musicians nearly every night. It was there that she met Rockwell Ryan Ripperger (of Stephen Speaks), who produced her first official EP entitled "Convince Me". The EP, released in November of 2014, featured her songwriting abilities and Rockwell's keen ear for synthy pop rock beats. In 2016, she teamed up with friend and fellow musician Bryant Lamar, who produced her next two singles “Fade Away” and “Love Drunk”.

Meggie recently left the constant busyness of the Tulsa music scene and made her way back to her Montana roots to rekindle her first love of music and rediscover the song in her heart. She now spends her time split between Oklahoma and Montana, collaborating on various recording projects and performing at festivals and some of her favorite venues. She has a few projects in the works, one of which is the release of her new single - a rendition of Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” produced by friend and bandmate Beau Tyler (of We The Ghost), as well as a collection of songs she’s written up in the quiet Montana wilderness.

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